At Brush-Strokes we partner with Paintsmiths Centurion which offers a range of different products, but we are not exclusive to these products and do also offer a number of other paint manufacturer products. At the end of the day it comes down to our client’s preferences, price point and personality to determine which product we will use on a project.  Here are some of our paint products and partners:

Paintsmiths products

Paintsmiths also has its own stable of products in keeping with the high quality environmentally friendly focus.


  • Roof paints
  • Stoep paint
  • Other paint consumable
  • Decorative Atelier range
  • Funki Putty
  • Patina
  • Encore
  • Lustre
  • Shot Glass

MIDAS Earthcote products

Our connection with the Midas Earthcote brand means that we ideally, but not exclusively, use the Midas Earthcote products in our applications. Both the MIDAS and EARTHCOTE brands are owned and manufactured by Kansai Plascon.  For us it means we are part of the biggest and most prestigious paint supplier in the country. For our clients it means they have access to the same guarantees, quality products and client after sales service that is provided on any and all of the Plascon products. Becoming part of the Plascon family resulted in us having access to the entire Plascon product range.

Cementitious floors

Cementitious floors are a perfect alternative to tiles and wooden floors, they work perfectly for either a farmhouse look or a crisp modern finish.

Textured finishes

This gritty, matt textured exterior paint has subtle graded nuances and is a good fit with both country and urban architecture.


Is a paint technique which resembles the swirly, veined look of polished marble, but with a modern lustre. It’s created using resin-stucco polished with Earthcote wall wax. It can also be coated with polyurethane acrithane for a more washable finish.

Frost paint

With a wall finish that shimmers like diamonds our Earthcote frost paint is in a league of its own. The look of frost or snow in a luxurious crystalline opaque topcoat. With colours like Popsicle, Black Frost and Shimmer foil. This amazing finish has endless possibilities.

Wall art

Our 3D Wall Art brings your walls to life. With our modern and eco-friendly 3D wall panels, made out of fibrous residue of sugarcane. Once applied can be painted any colour of your choice.

Rust paint

Iron paint contains iron filings, which when over coated with Earthcote rusting agent causes it to corrode, creating a rusty rustic aged finish.