Painting Homes

With more than 12 years’ paint contracting experience, we guarantee a professional painting partner from top to bottom.

Initially when we started Brush-Strokes the focus was on the cementitious flooring applications and the more difficult trowel on wall techniques, but within a short period of time Brush-Strokes quickly transitioned into a fully-fledged paint application and  paint  contractor business servicing Centurion, Pretoria and Johannesburg areas.

But over the last couple of years as the business has grown exponentially we have decided to take on less work to provide a better, more personalised and quality service to our clients. Now specialising and focusing on painting homes and residential estates in Centurion and broader.

There may be other paint companies that are cheaper than what we are, but each and every one of our clients is treated as the most important and extra special attention is taken to understand their specific needs. We also ensure great care and thought goes into each and every paint project as we see all our clients as unique and with our trustworthy team of painters we also ensure your safety through the duration of the project. We also make every effort to ensure the best experience is provided, no matter the situation.

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“We believe in who you see is who you get, with our hands-on trustworthy team your home is safe in our hands.” Charmaine, Owner of Brush-Strokes