Larger  paint contracting projects

Brush-Strokes have painted and consulted on numerous commercial developments for many large development companies in South Africa (such as V3 and Central Development Projects to name just two).

We are also the sole paint contractor for many project management companies who are currently building houses in exclusive housing estates.

We pride ourselves as specialist paint applicators in Pretoria and Johannesburg areas and it is believed that Brush-Strokes boasts some of the most competent paint application staff too.

Brush-Strokes also fully acknowledges the importance of Health and Safety for its team. We are registered with Compensation and have a letter of good standing. Efforts are being made to ensure we do the best we can in terms of safety. Our BEE status was not a focus at first, however as we have grown and we are receiving larger paint contracting projects to work on, we are now in the process of getting our status formalised.

We consider ourselves professional paint contractors with a hands-on approach to get every job completed on time, within budget and most of all, to our client’s expectations.

“We have a wide range of specialised solutions to make your business our business.” Charmaine, Owner of Brush-Strokes