About Us:  The start of a professional Paint Contracting Brand

The Brush Strokes family

One of the most important elements to the continued growth and success of Brush-Strokes as a professional paint contractor has been its staff. Through the years we have managed to gather the most amazing group of people who are reliable, professional and loyal. Every year this very special group has grown and we are proud to say Brush-Strokes has the best group of professional painters in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

How it all got started

It was never my plan or dream to own a paint shop and be a paint contractor, it kind of just happened, and especially as a woman I wasn’t sure what sort of response I would receive. But it is with my absolute passion for paint and my belief in my team to deliver a professional paint contracting service that allowed us to succeed without scepticism.

My architect brother – Robin McIntosh from Intersect architects (www.intersectarchitects.co.za) decided to get involved in Midas Earthcote in 2006. He was renovating a 3000m2 building into a bed and breakfast (www.bramasole.co.za). In order to get the product at cost Robin bought the Midas Earthcote franchise for the area. It was at this time that I met my now husband Pete in Mozambique, after doing a few years of business development myself, I felt it was time to start my own business. And so as all the pieces came together, the retail side got going under the name of Paintsmiths and Brush-Strokes the paint application division.

Since starting in 2006 Brush-Strokes grew rapidly giving us the chance to be involved in a number of domestic and commercial paint projects. The last year or so we have tried to focus less on growth and more on providing awesome service at the best possible price.

For a free paint quote in Johannesburg or Pretoria areas, please contact us. 

Our competitive edge

One of the elements that has made the business successful is the close relation we have with Paintsmiths Centurion. Paintsmiths provides a beautiful showroom for our clients – enabling us to offer them colour consultations and free advice, and it provides flexibility on the contracting side as we have a constant reliable material supply.

Meet the team

Glenda, or as she is fondly known as “Amagleggs”. Glenda has been around even before the business started, and also got to learn about the paint game with Charmaine. Glenda is currently the Retail Manager, Accountant, Banker, Stock Manager and HR Manager …. pretty much the heart of the business.

Uncle Mosey Mosey has been with us since the very beginning in 2006. He is our specialist on wall and floor finishes, and we believe he is one of the best flooring applicators in the country.

Uncle Jack, our oldest member of the team joined us in 2008. Uncle Jack is a Manager who does all the measuring up for each job and also manages them. He is a friendly face who makes sure everything is done perfectly.